Production Management for concerts, tours and festivals

Our goal is to make productions that makes the artists, the crew and audience to smile and love the moment

Urban Productions is a Production Management that manage tours, concerts, festivals, events, cooperative & private parties.

After 25 years and hundreds of shows and events, we hope we can help you out. 
With a team of skilled professionals we organize all from artists, area planning, security, artist relations, dressing rooms, catering, event design, stage, light, sound, pre-production, stage- and tour management.

With a custom tailored crew in each area, we design a vibrant and creative organization where we lead thru serving.
Our goal is to be invisible for the crowd but dependable for the customer. 

We believe that all things works together for good for those who love God!

Urban Production is the proud owner and developer of STAGE ORGANIZER - a web based tool to organize all around a festival, venue or single shows. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.